Being a key figure in Dutch animation, Amsterdam-based Tünde Vollenbroek lives and breathes animation, 24FPS, 24/7. As co-founder of Studio Pupil she produces animated shorts, series, commercials and music videos, for off- and online platforms. As lead programmer at the KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival she curates shorts, features and industry programs, and tours around the world. As chief European correspondent of animation’s #1 industry source Cartoon Brew she writes about the continent’s industry. Tünde holds a master’s degree in Animation from the HKU in the Netherlands (2012) and is a graduate from the prestigious European co-production training Animation Sans Frontières (2013). The only thing greater than her love for animation is her love for great Italian ice cream.


Produces animation at and co-owns animation house Studio Pupil (2014-present)
Writes for Cartoon Brew as its chief European correspondent (2014-present)
Curates animation for KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival as its lead programmer (2010-present)
Curates animation for Animasyros International Animation Festival (2016-present)
Recruited talent for Submarine (2015-2016)
Wrote for Dutch/Belgian animation blog Animatie Blog (2010-2015)
Assistant produced at The Drawing Room (2014-2015)
Produced at animation studio Mister Lee (2013)
Participated in the international production course Animation Sans Frontieres (2013-2014)
Interned at animation production house il Luster Productions (2010)
Graduated from the HKU with a bachelor and master degree (2008-2012)


2017 Scrambled 7’ NL Dir. & Auth. Bastiaan Schravendeel, Prod. Tünde Animation & Polder Animation
2016 Wellie Wishers 26x11’ NL/US/UK Dir. Bouwine Pool & Wip Vernooij & Anneke de Graaf & Dario van Vree, Auth. several, Prod. Submarine
2016 Tabook 3’ NL Dir. & Auth. Dario van Vree, Prod. Tünde Animation
2015 Full Feather Jacket 3’ NL Dir. & Auth. Liz el Saadany, Prod. The Drawing Room
2013 Losing Nemo 7’ NL Dir. & Auth. Douwe van der Werf, Prod. Mister Lee
2011 Violinplay 2’ NL Dir. & Auth. Tünde Vollenbroek, Prod. HKU